Business Development/Communication Coaching

“The relationship with your client doesn’t end with the purchase…
that’s where it begins.” 

– Patrick Donadio, MBA

“Business is going well… Clients keep coming in…” 

– Business Development Coaching Client

Learn low-cost, highly effective business communication growth strategies to:

  • Set up a marketing system to grow your business
  • Establish yourself as “the” expert
  • Attract clients
  • Stand out among your competition
  • Increase sales/profits
  • Build deeper relationships
  • Cross-sell clients
  • Build a referral system
  • And more…

Coaching package sessions will cover a variety of areas based on the mutually decided needs. Here are a few examples:

  • Review the Managing For Success Sales Profile and discuss the person’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Conduct Needs Assessment Interviews – Do S.W.O.T. inventory for the company and each individual.
  • Review/evaluate current marketing communications tools.  Which ones work? Which ones need to be fine-tuned?  Which ones should be added?
  • Review an individual’s current marketing strategy and help you develop a customized “Niche Marketing System.”
  • Develop/fine-tune a “High Concept” (a short statement about your business).
  • Review common objections and discuss pre-qualifying (or disqualifying) techniques.
  • Create “Top Five Target Lists” to increase sales and build client relationships
  • Brainstorm ways to cross-sell current clients, open the door for new business, and get more referrals
  • Learn “Niche Marketing Communications Tools” to get and keep clients
  • Teach marketing communication skills and develop marketing strategies.  For example:  how to establish yourself as “the expert” in your niche, planning and developing an “evergreen” article you can use to promote yourself to your niche, developing a referral network, etc.
  • Show you How to Have Your “Best Year Ever” by setting goals that work
  • Discuss previous session homework assignments including any successes, failures and new challenges.
  • Develop a Master Plan for the next 6 months and/or one year.
  • Final Debriefing Session

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