Are you simply talking… or “Communicating with IMPACT“?

Apply Patrick’s “IMPACT” Process to:

♦  Improve Communication/Influence
♦  Develop Solutions/Results
♦  Increase Engagement/Profits
♦  Shift Mindsets/Behaviors

“Intelligent, thoughtful, and funny presentation!”
                                            — Brian Wallace, Executive Director, CLA

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Do you want to Communicate, Present, and Lead with Greater IMPACT?

Engaging, high-content keynotes, facilitated, practical workshops, and one-on-one transformative coaching based on Patrick’s book “Communicating with IMPACT“. Learn proven strategies to transform your words into actions and your actions into results. Let’s partner to solve your Communication Challenges with your leaders, teams, and customers.



IMPACT Your Organization

Book Patrick, a Certified Speaking Profession (CSP), to deliver a dynamic, content-rich, inspiring, and entertaining keynote. He provides practical thought-provoking concepts through carefully customized presentations



IMPACT Your Leaders

Professional athletes have coaches to help them be the best they can be. Why shouldn’t you? Engage Patrick, a Master Certified Coach (MCC), to guide you through his “IMPACT process” to become the best leader, communicator, meeting facilitator, speaker, and presenter you can be. 


IMPACT Your Group/Team

Patrick’s engaging in-person, hybrid, and virtual workshops help develop your people. They will learn practical tools, ideas, and concepts to immediately improve communication, lead effectively, listen actively, present powerfully, increase sales/profits, and boost their overall performance. 

“Thank you for your excellent Zoom video presentations… they were thrilled with your presentation and information, especially the online breakout sessions.  I look forward to many more opportunities, with or without the pandemic!”  

– Marc Hardy, Ph.D.  Mendoza College of Business – University of Notre Dame

Communicating with IMPACT book author Patrick Donadio

Did You Know…

* Companies lose on average $62.4 million per year because of inadequate communication to and between employees (SHRM)

91% of 1,000 employees said “communicating well” is the one critical skill their leaders lack (Inc.)

PATRICK J. DONADIO, MBA, CSP™, MCC is the communication strategist to consult when you want to develop solutions, shift mindsets, and improve your results when communicating with your staff, customers, and the public.

Thousands of leaders and their teams benefited from Patrick’s how-to, results-based, process for “Communicating with IMPACT.” From the boardroom to the classroom, Patrick focuses on helping others communicate with clarity, lead more effectively, listen actively, present with power, increase sales/profits, build deeper relationships, and boost their overall performance/results.

Patrick is one of the few people in the world to have earned both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP™) designation and the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation. The highest earned designations in both professions.

Have Patrick speak with your organization to:

Engage – participants to learn new strategies, tactics, and tools

Inspire – yourself and others to apply new ideas and solutions to improve results

Transform – how you communicate to impact your team, your organization, and those you serve


“Apply this process and increase the impact of your communication.”
— Mark Sanborn, New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Fred Factor”

In Patrick’s book, “Communicating with IMPACT”, you’ll discover a practical 6-Step IMPACT Process to improve how you lead and communicate to develop better solutions, shift mindsets, and improve results:

  • I – Create a Laser-Focused Intention (LFI) statement to drive a focused message
  • M 5 Tools to craft a Message to achieve your intention, which method should you use, and how perfectionism is getting in your way of taking action
  • P How to Personalize the message by identifying and utilizing the four communication styles (DISC) to change behaviors
  • A – Practical strategies to Activate and engage your receiver/audience and 21 Active Listening skills to help you stay present/focused 
  • CExplore techniques to Clarify and check for understanding
  • T – How to Transform words into actions and actions into results
  • Plus a “Communication Inventory” to rate your current communication skills!

Patrick’s IMPACT process will help you improve communication, lead more effectively, present with power, actively listen, increase sales, build better relationships, and boost your overall performance/profits.

What Clients Are Saying About Patrick Donadio… 

“Patrick is a true professional who cares about his clients, their audiences, and provides practical, useful ideas that they can put right to work. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone who looking for an engaging presenter, whether in-person or virtual.


– Dr. Tina D. Pierce
Program Manager, John Glenn College of Public Affairs
The Ohio State University

“Thank you for your excellent Zoom video presentations to our participants in the Notre Dame communications certificate program. We challenged you to deliver a very complex topic to a very discriminating audience of leaders… you were a professional in every way. I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking about an online program during this time of COVID-19.

From the comments I have heard, they were thrilled with your presentation, information, the media interviews, and especially the online breakout sessions.  I look forward to many more opportunities, with or without the epidemic!”

– Marc Hardy, Ph.D.

Mendoza College of Business – University of Notre Dame

“Patrick, Thank you for bringing your immense energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to the presentations you offered this past weekend at the Ohio Auctioneers Association Annual Conference. The feedback I received was very positive… Of the numerous professional, ‘non-industry’ speakers, you most effectively reached ALL our members. That success was the result of your vast experience and attention to the details of our association membership. In addition, the way you repeatedly tied the theme of ‘Auctions Work’; into your program was greatly appreciated.”

– Peter Gehres
OAA Conference Chair

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