Virtual/HYBRID Presentations

Any of the
presentations I deliver in person (keynotes, workshops, team meetings, and mini-series) can also be delivered virtually or in a hybrid format via live video broadcast (Zoom, Teams, WebEx…).
Speaking/Training Topics

The delivery of the message is just as important as the message itself, with Patrick, you get both!

Virtual/Hybrid audiences learn through interactive and highly engaging conversations.  Patrick is a master at facilitating.

He encourages attendees to interact with each other through Chat, Q&A, Polls, Breakout Rooms, Visuals, and engaging Handouts/Worksheets.

Then Patrick weaves the participant’s ideas, comments, and thoughts into the presentation.

Plus, Patrick developed a new presentation…

“Running Effective Live/Virtual/Hybrid MEETINGS”

The amount of time spent in business meetings, conferences, and training is so substantial that skills in managing them are vital to productivity. We meet to make decisions, solve problems, develop budgets, plan projects, create policies, hire and fire staff, coordinate activities, and more. Learn how to conduct meetings that get results in less time!

Virtual and hybrid meetings are becoming more common. While different from those held in person, it’s important to navigate the nuance technology brings and make adjustments with that in mind.

In Effective Virtual/Hybrid meetings, facilitator Patrick Donadio will share his BDA Process. This process offers positive, productive, and professional value to your online meetings. This in turn builds confidence in the leaders who manage them and makes your virtual meetings more productive and engaging for attendees.

Here is a brief overview of the BDA process:

  • B – Before: What do you do before the virtual/hybrid meeting to design, prepare, and ensure attendees will participate? Includes discussion on:
    • Agendas: What to include and not include?
    • What should I send out to participants before the meeting?
    • What are the six roles attendees can play to help the facilitator?
    • Strategies for creating visuals that compliment, not distract, from your message.
  • D – During: What do you do during the virtual or hybrid meeting to ensure attendees will participate? Includes discussion on:
    • Various ways to open the meeting
    • Setting Meeting Guidelines and Ground Rules
    • Techniques to engage participants and manage or deal with distractions
  • After: What do you do after the virtual or hybrid meeting to ensure attendees will take action? Includes discussion on:
    • What should I send out after the meeting?
    • How do I create “Action Minutes” that get noticed?
    • A “simple technique” to get feedback to make your virtual meetings even better
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