Patrick Donadio, the author of “Communicating with IMPACT”,  has been on both sides of the microphone, as a media guest and a media host.

He has hosted radio, television, and internet talk shows as well as appeared nationally and locally on broadcast media and in print.

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  • Communicate Clearly
  • Lead Effectively
  • Present Powerfully
  • Listen Attentively
  • Motivate Your People.
  • Deal with Different Personality Styles (DISC)
  • Delegate
  • Use Creativity to Manage Change
  • Increase Sales/Profits
  • Life-Saving Tips for A Media Interview
  • Be Better at Networking

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1. Leadership Insights – In the first of a two-part, in-depth, video interview, Skip Prichard talks with the speaker, writer, and business strategist Patrick Donadio about the importance of communications training for leaders. “Patrick spent years teaching, coaching, and creating executive seminars, before pulling that experience into his book, “Communicating with IMPACT.” The result is 33 years of expertise condensed into 6 practical guidelines.” – Skip Prichard

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2. More than a Few Words

No matter what your job is; sales expert, business owner, or manager working your way up the corporate ladder, you need to know how to sell your ideas.  The prospect can be a little scary but it doesn’t have to be according to our guest Patrick Donadio.  Patrick shares some practical presentation tips on Opening, Engaging the Audience, and Closing.

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Patrick Donadio on a Billboard
Patrick Donadio in Life & Work Newspaper

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