“Communicating with IMPACT” Book

A Leader’s Communication Guide to Achieve Greater Results—Faster!
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“A proven process to construct your message, engage your receiver, and inspire others to action.”

Susan RoAne, Best-Selling Author of “How to Work a Room®”

Patrick Donadio’s influential book, “Communicating with IMPACT©“, shows you how to take control of your actions and words to be a more effective and efficient communicator. Patrick has created a powerful IMPACT© process, including six outstanding principles to help you effectively communicate ideas and achieve greater results—faster!

 I – Intention
M – Message
P – Person
A – Activate
C – Clarify
T – Transform

These principles will provide you with the tools you need to lead more effectively, communicate clearly, listen actively, present more powerfully, deepen relationships, enhance your credibilityincrease sales, achieve greater results, and positively impact the lives of others. In an age with so much technology, communication has expanded to several platforms, but even with so many paths to communicate, how do you ensure your message is received properly?

In this book, you will find answers to the following:

    • Why using a communication process to craft and deliver your message will save you time?

    • How to use Outcome Thinking to make sure you achieve your desired Intention?

    • When to stop thinking linearly and how perfectionism is getting in the way?

    • Do you indentify your receiver and personalize your message to their personality style?

    • Why the HW5 Method saves you time when creating a presentation?

    • Do you want to learn 5 tools to more effectively plan your message?

    • How the 30 Second Rule can increase the result of your communication?

    • How to engage your audience physically, mentally, and emotionally to keep their attention?

    • Could you use 21 Active Listening Skills to help you stay present and focused?

    • How to clarify and make sure the message sent is the same one received?

    • What can you do to internally and externally transform your words into results?

These are just some practical ideas and tips you will learn in this 216-page leadership communication guide.

By the time you finish the last page of this life-changing book, you will be able to build on your strengths, use what you know, and change how you communicate and impact others forever.

Learning the IMPACT© process in “Communicating with  IMPACT© will inspire and empower you to strive for a better version of yourselves and increase your IMPACT when communicating, presenting, speaking, and leading others.

“No matter your age, position at work, or walk of life, this book will transform your way of thinking and your behaviors in communicating with others.“

– Charles R. Ciuni, Partner at Deloitte LLP

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The “Communicating with IMPACT© book and the IMPACT© process will inspire and empower you to strive for a better version of yourselves and increase your IMPACT to:


      • Lead more effectively
      • Communicate clearly
      • Present more powerfully
      • Create deeper business relationships
      • Enhance your credibility
      • Increase sales
      • Achieve greater results
      • Positively impact the lives of others

“Communicating with IMPACT provides a great model to use in crafting any communication, from asking your boss for a raise to inspiring thousands to act. The book is also full of tools and exercises to fine-tune each step. I will keep a copy on my desk to make sure I say things right the first time!” 

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, global Expert on Workplace Communications and Author of The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations Into Breakthroughs

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